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Abstinence is no good


My wife recently underwent minor surgery and as a result, we had to cool our
sexual relations. At first I said I could live with a abstinence and her
nightly handjobs. But with each passing day, I felt hornier and hornier, like
an eighteen year old. Luckily I was able to find some satisfaction and relief
in the arms of Nancy.

She’s twenty and a sight for my sore horny eyes. As a receptionist, she’s more
than capable on the job. As a casual sex partner, she’s above average. I’ve
been an ass man for the longest time and would get a thrill watching Nancy
parade her pussy around the office. She always wears tight slacks and when I
focus on the lines of her panties I just about bite through my lower lip. One
night, she had agreed to help with extra paper work. As we talked, I told her
of my wife’s recuperation. Nancy was genuinely concerned and sympathized when I
casually mentioned out current kick of abstinence.

She blushed a little but was really turned on. She came up to me, pressing her
pussy against my groin. “I can understand what you’re going through right now.
And besides, I wouldn’t mind getting it on with you. I’d enjoy it.”

“An older man?”

She yanked my hammer. “A better man.”

I wrapped my arms around her and we started tongue kissing. It wasn’t long
before her clothes were piled in a heap next to mine. I took a long moment to
admire her nymph like beauty. Parting her thighs, she lowered herself once I
sat between her legs. She was really in her prime, her pretty pink pussy
dripping with sweet tasting juices. I brought her off with my mouth and Nancy
said it was the first time a guy was able to do that. Grateful and more than
eager to please, she asked, “How can I give you pleasure?”

I touched her asshole and she squirmed. “Alright,” she whispered getting on all

Her white ass was soft to my touch. I buried my face between those satiny
cheeks and lubricated her opening first with my tongue, then with a finger of
pussy juice. That relaxed her and that beautiful beige asshole puckered,
spreading wider and wider. She was hot, gently gyrating her ass in my face and
moaning. When the bulbous head of my dick brushed her back door, she sobbed. I
worked my way in slowly so as not to hurt her. When I eased in most of the way,
I started pumping nice and steady. She met my thrusts by pounding her buttocks
against me and urging me all the way. I hammered good and hard, flooding her
hole with my cum. After resting fifteen minutes, Nancy and I did it again.

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